Team Based Health Care Delivery

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When it comes to health care, team based health care system is necessary for the best patient outcomes. Team based healthcare can improve the quality of the care, better understanding of the patients situation and it also helps to improve the patient satisfaction and thereby reduce the medical care cost. In this paper we further discuss about the importance and the benefits of team based healthcare delivery. And how to improve the quality of service through the team based health care delivery. Physician Leadership and New Modes of Care

It has been proven that the physician-led team based care models are highly successful and it provides quality care to the patients. According to American Hospital association’s Physicians leadership Forum ‘In 2011, the AHA’s Physician Leadership Forum (PLF) launched with educational offerings, resources, and leadership development opportunities for physicians, as well as options for input on issues of public policy and advocacy’. In the future there are several models for advancing the team based health care delivery that will be needed for our communities which includes redesigning the primary care service, new team based healthcare models for the inpatient service, and new arrangements for the management where the administrators and clinicians work together to improve the quality and value of health care and to reduce the healthcare costs.

Achieving Team- Based Health Care Delivery
In every industry team work is really important for the success of the work and in health care we always work as a team for the best results. United States always focus on improving the quality of health care and reducing the heath care cost. It is one of the biggest challenges in the health care industry because of the lack of health care providers. According to the journal of family practice the number of annual office visits to family physicians in the United States is projected to increase from 462 million in 2008 to 565 million in 2025, which will require an estimated 51,880 additional (Michele Q, Christine M, Janis, 2015). This problem can be overcome by working as a team based health care where they can provide care for more patients and manage high cost needs and can improve quality care and satisfaction. Better communication and understandings between the team members is essential to provide quality care to the patients and for the success of the team. Team based health care models are emerging for providing coordinated, cost-effective and quality health care for patients. Every day health care is changing and because of the challenges in the health care system like increased rates of chronic disease, more and more advancement in the technology and the increase in cost which makes health care hard to afford are some of the reasons to improve the health care delivery system. Improving the Health care delivery requires more hard work and it requires more experienced care and reduced cost of health care. To make these changes and to provide quality care to the patients, hospitals, health systems and healthcare providers will need to acquire new skill and work more closely together than before. Health care is facing changes every day and care organizations and other programs are pushing hospitals and physicians together. The ACA of 2010 is looking for more ways to adjust with the physicians and many physicians who were doing the private practices have been looking for employment in the hospitals in the recent years. A March 2010 survey from the American Hospital Association showed 65% of hospitals planning to increase the number of employed physicians, while the Medical Group Management Association says the number of practices owned by hospitals has increased 40% from 2003 to 2010 (American hospital association’s Physician leadership form). One of the main reasons for that are the financial challenges that the physicians are facing when they are running an independent...
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