Teacher Education

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"If you educate a boy, you educate one individual,
If you educate a girl, you educate a teacher.
If you educate a teacher, you educate a community"
Dating back to the olden days, teachers as such were only the males from the Brahmin community and the shatriyas teaching the rich, but now the system is changed, we have female teachers also imparting the art of knowledge and skills. Down the lane, coming to the present the overall quality in education depends on the quality of teachers and that a sound program of professional education of teachers is essential for imparting desired type of education. As FRANCIS BACON said," knowledge is power" implies that teaching is an art that can be acquired through a series of well- designed series of activities, its imperative, therefore due emphasis should be laid on the education of the teachers. DEFINITION

¨According to the Dictionary of education-C.V. GOOD(1973), teacher education is defined as "all formal and informal activities and experiences that help to qualify a person to assume the responsibility as a member of the educational profession or to discharge his responsibility most effectively. ¨According to the Encyclopedia Of Educational Research(1941), Walter.S.Monroe, defines teacher education as " The total education experiences which contribute to the preparation of a person but the term is completely employed to designate the program for the courses and other experiences offered by an educational institute for the announced purposes of preparing persons for teaching and other educational service and for contributing to their growth in competency for such service. Such teacher education programs are offered in teacher colleges, normal schools and colleges and universities. ¨ The Educational Commission (1964-1966) said, "a sound program of professional education of teachers is essential for the qualitative improvement of education. Investment in teacher education can yield very rich dividends because the financial resources required are small when measured against the resulting improvement in the education of millions." ¨According to PASSI(1997)," Teacher education means programs of education, research or training of persons for equipping them to teach at primary, secondary, and senior secondary stages in schools and includes non-formal education, part time education, adult education and correspondence education. OBJECTIVES:

To develop in prospective teacher educators necessary skills and competencies needful for the preparation of the teacher To impart the latest knowledge of the relevant disciplines To upgrade their knowledge and develop a critical awareness. To develop the capacity of elaboration, examination, interpretation and communication of ideas To enable them to undertake meaningful educational research for improving the condition of education and society. To develop among them the desire for life long learning for removing anachronism from them. TYPES OF TEACHER EDUCATION

In-service education
Continuous education
According to the commission on teacher education in U.S.A., "continued teachers education means much more than making up defects in preparation. It means continuous growth in the capacity to teach. It means a broadened understanding of human development and human living i.e., growth in one's capacity to work with others, with classroom teachers and principles in a variety of activities, with the administration, with parents and community leaders and with children age group. IN-SERVICE EDUCATION

This is self explanatory; it refers to the education a teacher receives when he has entered the teaching profession after he has had his education or training in a teaching institute or college. It includes all the fields i.e. the refresher courses etc that he receives at different institutions. FUNCTIONS:

Better understanding of the students
Building confidence
Methodology of teaching...
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