Task 1 what is research

Topics: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Joseph Rowntree, Poverty Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: December 31, 2014
Unit 22 – Task 1
Research is carried out for many reasons; some of these reasons include taking a snapshot of society, this is where sociologists go into a certain area and gain knowledge about that particular area. Usually the sociologists will find some issues with that particular place and try make some improvements on those issues. Improvements are focused on issues such as teenage pregnancy, abortion and drug and alcohol misuse. Another reason for researching into issues within health and social care is to find out about contemporary problems within society such as poverty, drug, alcohol abuse and domestic violence. When this has been researched and issues have been found about, something may be done about it and people may become more aware of the issues that were investigated. P2

When conducting research there are sometimes problems called ethical issues, the can make it hard for researchers to carry out their studies as people may be offended by the topic and not want to take part. Examples of these issues can include informed consent; this is where the researcher has to have permission to carry out the study on that particular individual. It is usually given out on a piece of paper, called a consent form where the participant has to read and then sign, giving their permission to take part in the researchers study. If the participant chooses not to sign the consent form, the researcher will tell them they are not going to take part in their study. Another issue could be debriefing; this is where the researcher carries out the study and then tells the participant what they have done after they have completed their study. A way to overcome this problem is to have a debriefing sheet which goes briefly over what is going to happen and what is going to be asked of you. This allows the participants to have an understanding of what is needed of them so they aren’t going into a project they have no nothing about. Privacy is another ethical issue, an...
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