Tanzania Essay

Topics: Poverty, Life, Medicine Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Aspect of life| Describe in your own words what these aspects of life would be like for a person from Tanzania.| My Life| Education| Due to transport issues, school would be hard to get to and, would be running on low supplies because of money government poverty.| Transport is highly supported in the education systems are very well funded and are compulsory| Food | Food would be very scarce because of famines that come every once in a while and money budget for each family| Food is plentiful and well but in some cases there are families that may not afford food but are supported by foundations to get them back on track.| Health| Medical centers and hospitals would be very low budget and bad for drugs and medicine supplies which leads to more common death.| Medical centers and Hospitals are just down the road from us also there are ambulance service’s that can come to the rescue if the injury is too bad.| Shelter| The Shelters are cramped with more than three families in each home due to small wealth in families| Shelter is provided even for the homeless due to a very wealthy government, but most families can afford big houses that can provide a safe roof of each of their children. | Water| Water supplies are a 3km walk to and back because of recent famines the walk back is dangerous due to snakes and burglars. Small supplies of water would lead to small portions.| Water is plentiful rich and clean, which keeps us safe from teeth problems and keeps us healthy, most families of all can afford water but if not it can be provided to them for free| Geography Tanzania

Geography Tanzania
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