System of Education

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System of Education
In my life, I have traveled and studied in four countries in the world. They are Singapore, Australia, America and my home country Vietnam. I has learned many new things about education, and new ways of studying but in English. However, all the foreign schools I went through are using the American education system. There are similarities and differences between the way language is taught in the education systems of Vietnam and America.

First of all, there are three similarities between Vietnam's and America's education system. The first similarity is exams. Giving exams is a way to show the teacher how his or her students understand what they learn from class in both languages. There are many kinds of exam or test that the two countries have in common. One example is giving a quiz that students can do in a short time like fifteen minutes, which is called a fifteen minute quiz. The second similarity is giving homework. Homework is the exercises that the teacher gives to students so they can practice at home. Most of the teacher give homework, but some don’t. The last similarity is checking attendance. Attendance is very important in both countries. In Vietnam, if a student doesn't come to class for a number of days, their parents will be called and asked if he or she has a reason to not come to school. On the other hand, in America, the school will not call their parents but if they miss many class they will fail that classes. So it is very important to come to class.

Despite all the similarities, both Vietnam and America have three differences. The first difference is the time students stay at school. Vietnamese school starts at seven in the morning and ends at five in the afternoon. Some schools allow students to go home at noon, and some don’t. Student who stay at school have lunch and take a nap for one hour. For example, the last class finishes at 11:45am. At 12pm they can have lunch until 12:30pm. After lunch students go to sleep...
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