Swot Analysis from Amazon

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SWOT analysis



It is the world's largest online retailer.
Multinational electronic commerce company.
Offers many products as:
DVDs, CDs, MP3 appstore for android (applications), game and software downloads, games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food and some toys.

They have offered promotions that reduced delivery costs to consumers increasing their sales.

The company records data on customer buyer behaviour that means they are able to offer individual and personalized ítems according to the buyer’s preferences.

This company was one of the first online retailers. It had success with books and has been entering to other markets since then.

These explored markets had created more and more costumers reaching more than 30 million people in a period of about 10 years.

Amazon uses user rewiews as feedback for them and also these help to stimulate sales. the bond with the customer stronger and the loyalty is more durable because Amazon provides the option of selling an item online that the seller doesn’t want but another person does. Weakenesses

The costumers feel confused because they dont know what Amazon sales because of the variety and difference between the products because some still think that Amazon only sells books.

It is dependent on external delivery firms that carry out the delivery function that may lead to uncontainable problems regarding the delivery service and it may potentially increase costs, with the wider transportation industry i-e rising fuel and increased vehicle taxation.

It depends on the external deliveries of the firms that carry out the delivery function that may lead to struggles.


To sell its expertise to major store groups, and increase thier cash. Opprtunities for Amazon make collaborations with the public sector. The benefit of having the reigster of books lacated in physical libraries is that customers can search for rare or antique books.

It can invest...
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