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MBA   500V
FALL 2013
  INSTRUCTOR:    W. TERRY DANCER                                OFFICE:  308 BUSINESS BUILDING
E-MAIL: DANCER @ASTATE.EDU                         WORK PHONE:  972-3038                                              HOME PHONE:  935-1579 OFFICE HOURS:  MONDAY 1:00-2:30 AND 3:45-6:00
WEDNESDAY 1:00-2:30
CONDUCT OF THIS CLASS: THIS CLASS OFFICIALLY BEGINS ON AUGUST 21 AND ENDS WITH THE FINAL EXAM ON DECEMBER 6. THIS CLASS WILL BE TAUGHT ONLINE USING BLACKBOARD LEARN. THE CLASS WILL MEET IN ROOM 401 OF THE BUSINESS BUILDING FOR ALL EXAMS INCLUDING THE FINAL EXAM ON DECEMBER 6. THE CHAPTER EXAMS AND THE FINAL EXAM WILL BE THE ONLY TIME WE MEET IN ROOM 401 AS A CLASS. THE REST OF THE CLASS WILL BE CONDUCTED ONLINE. STUDENTS OUTSIDE JONESBORO MUST MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO TAKE EXAMS AT A SATELLITE CAMPUS OR PURCHASE A TEST CAMERA INDIVIDUALLY. YOU MUST ATTEND CLASS TO TAKE THE TESTS. NO TESTS WILL BE GIVEN ONLINE. All homework for the chapters you are being tested over must be posted to the digital drop box by 5pm on the day you take an exam. For example, homework for test one over chapters one, two, three, and four must be posted by 5pm on September 18, the day of test one over chapters 1 thru 4. Homework turned in for these chapters after this time will be taken for half credit. You will have three chapter tests and the final exam for a total of four tests. All chapter tests start at 12:00 in room 401of the college of business building. The exam begins at 12:00 and ends at 1:15. The final exam will be given on Friday, December 6 from 12:30-2:30 in room 401 of the college of business building. For the three chapter exams you will be allowed 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the exam. For the final exam scheduled in December we will follow the university schedule which allows only 2 hours for the exams. For all exams I will provide a calculator. You will need to bring pen or pencil but nothing else. No electronic devices (such as language translators or cell phones) other than the calculator I provide will be allowed during the exam. No books or other resources may be used to take your exam. *****If you believe the time allowed for the exams poses a problem for you and your ability to finish the exam in time, please register with disability services. You will then have the opportunity to take the exam without any time constraints. REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS

Survey of Accounting, 5th Edition, by Carl S. Warren. ISBN is 978-0-538-74909-1. If you purchase the sixth edition or fourth edition you will be just fine.
Helpful hint: Go to Key in SURVEY OF ACCOUNTING and then hit enter. For the 5th edition, click on the COMPANION SITE link. On the next page, click on student resources and begin using the available materials.   COURSE DESCRIPTION

                This module is a study of Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting.  This module is designed for students who do not have a background in Accounting.  The focus will be on how accounting is an information system that produces accounting reports that are used by managers, investors, creditors, and other organizational stakeholders to make decisions about the company.   COURSE GOAL AND OBJECTIVES

                The goal of this course is to teach students with a non-business background about financial accounting and managerial accounting.  Each chapter we cover contains a detailed listing of the objectives for each chapter. Plan to study these objectives very carefully.  Begin and end each chapter with coverage of the stated objectives.   COURSE POLICIES

                We will cover the equivalent of six semester hours in 14 weeks.  Because of the intensive nature of the coverage, you must prepare yourself to work at a pace that will enable you to complete all the homework and all tests in a 14 week period.

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