Supply Chain Management

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Nestle Pure Life

We are analyzing the supply chain process adopted by Nestle particularly its bottled water Nestle Pure Life. Our analysis of Nestle Pure Life will include comments on the current supply chain and distribution channel and a resultant strategic analysis of the company. We will see the various strategies that can be used by them for improving their product and to further expand their supply chain process to their profitability. Nestle has been serving worldwide with its excellence in product safety, quality and value. It provides many products which include dairy products, beverages, infant dietetic, confectionary including water that have taken as the main focus for our project report. Their aim is to provide customer with pure drinking water on suitable prices make the product as convenient as possible. According to their claim they provide the best food through out the world.

Introduction Of Nestle:
Nestle is the leading FMCG company of Switzerland established by Henri Nestle. Nestle is serving worldwide with its more than 500 factories in 86 countries comprising almost all continents. Nestles’ product portfolio is more than 500 products all over the world serving best to their customers. Nestlé has been serving Pakistani consumers since 1988, when the parent company further extended its products to South Asia. Nestlé’s global vision is to be the leading health, wellness, and Nutrition Company of the world. Nestle’ Pakistan subscribes fully to this global vision. In addition to that, Nestle Pakistan also envisions to:

Lead a dynamic motivated and professional workforce that is •proud of its heritage and bullish about the future
Meet the nutritional needs of all age groups through a diversified product range that contains an innovative portfolio of branded food and beverages of the highest quality •Maintain long-term growth and deliver shareholder value •Establishing responsible communication with the consumer which in turn can provide us a better look into what changes need to be made to our products •Strengthen the position as the best career destination for talented and motivated individuals. •Empowering a system of self-management.

Nestle Pure Life Water
The launch of Nestle Pure Life in December 1998 was a truly significant episode in the history of Nestle Pakistan. Nestle Pure Life was going to get the entry of Pakistan’s growing water market. At the same time Pakistan became the first country where Nestle launched the new brand. Nestle Pure Life is a premium drinking water, produced to the highest standards of safety and purity as per the website suggests. It is ideally balanced with essential minerals like vitamins, calcium and many other useful items. According to nestle, pure water product is the star of nestle having useful ingredients in every drop of water which are essential for being hydrated all the time. Capitalizing on its strong brand recognition, aggressive pricing and supported by a strong marketing campaign, Nestle Pure Life has made very strong inroads into the water market in Pakistan. Being the premium drinking water, producing to the highest standard of safety and purity, the company is seeking to provide customer with pure drinking water on suitable prices and make the product as convenient as possible. Nestle is leading brand in water market and has left behind many local brands which were working before the launching of Nestle Pure Life. Now it has maximum market share in developed and major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Hyderabad and many others. As we have discussed earlier that Nestle is going to become the fully market leader of water market in Pakistan, signs are clearly visible to achieve the set point of Nestle.

Objectives of Nestle Pure Life:
The main objective for the SBU was to be number one selling bottled-mineral water in Pakistan. This objective was hoped to be accomplished by setting the...
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