Supply and Demand of Buying a New Computer

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Supply and Demand|
Brian Watson|

Instructor: HAMSA WILSON
The paper this is covering subject of is the Supply and Demand of Buying a new computer. I am choosing the laptop as the purchase, even though you have desktops as well.| XECO/212 - PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS

From early 19th century all peoples and companies have purchased computers. The very first computers were known as desktops and could not be carried around but have massive amounts of items for use: like gaming, taxes, running software for running a business and other such things. As years have gone by and technology advances rapidly, there now are portable computers (laptops), these portable units are smaller, compact, and do a lot of functions themselves. However desktops are still the number one household item for the simple fact of having capabilities far greater than the portable ones.

Laptops are the biggest sellers for the common person, and most households have at least one laptop and one desktop. Laptops are not as advanced as the desktop, you can upgrade them but you cannot customize them for things like gaming, video transcribing and other such aspects. Laptops are huge sellers because of the fact that the laptop is small and portable and you can go anywhere and see half a dozen people on them. The prices’ of laptops is far more expensive as a desktop. The range is from say $300.00 up to well in the thousands. The price is going to depend on the components and software in the machine. Where the desktop prices are similar you can actually build the way you want your computer in a desktop for a similar price to a decent laptop. The pricing of laptops mainly comes from the technology being shrunk into a portable machine and is sometimes not as advanced for things like gaming and video transcribing and such. Decent laptops are affordable but won’t do that much, if you want gaming and advanced programming you...
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