Substandard Patient Care of Health Care Delivery

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Substandard Patient Care of Health Care Delivery

Substandard patient care is a term often used to describe health care agencies failure to meeting in an appropriate manner the health care needs of the community served. Substandard patient care of health care delivery may include a poor organizational behavior style, which can interfere with compliance requirements and regulations that govern the health care practice and services delivery. A country’s public health system has as a main function to provide health services to all its population. The American health system has evolved differently compare to the other rich industrialized countries’ health systems. The United States’ lack of a system of health insurance that covers the entire population makes the health care system; a system of privilege for some and disadvantage for others. Patients who cannot afford buying a private health insurance policy have to rely on volunteer organizations for preventive care. In the worst of the cases patients may end up in an emergency room and occasionally become a victim of discrimination because they have no resources to pay for the services. In regard to these facts, the following information aims to describe hospital emergency rooms compliance with standards of services. Discuss the emergency health care delivery component’s role in providing services in compliance with standardized requirements and how it contributes to the management of health care delivery. Professional Experience with Substandard Patient Care

Three months ago, I was working as a volunteer in a hospital emergency room providing medical interpretation services. During this particular occasion, I noticed that a patient arrived to the emergency room with a referral from other hospital’s emergency room. One can expect a patient coming to an emergency room with a referral from a private practitioner who may not have the needed equipment to treat a patient on site. However, a referral from other...

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