Structure Of Austrailian Health Care

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Health Care has developed greatly over the past century. The innovation in technology and enhancement of a doctor’s knowledge has allowed life expectancy to rise in most countries throughout the world. Many governments provide free health care to an extent for their citizens and others leave it up to their citizens to pay for their own costly bills. Some of these bills depend on the level of treatment or the reputation of the hospital. In this report we bill be analyzing the health care systems of Australia and Canada. Structure of health care system

Australia achieves universal coverage through Medicare, a tax-funded public insurance program that covers most medical care, including physician and hospital services and prescription drugs (endnote). Citizens are given a Medicare card similar to our OHIP card, that they must bring when visiting a doctor or making a claim for money return. Australians report they can see a doctor within one day 40% of the time (endnote). All of this is funded by an additional income tax of 1.5% on all citizens (endnote). Australia also has a program called the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme that offers medication for free or little cost to those who hold a Medicare Card. Overseas visitors from countries with which Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement  (RHCA) are also eligible to access the Scheme (endnote). Canada

Canada's national health care program is very similar to Australia’s, since coverage is also offered through Medicare. Most medical services in Canada are prepaid for if you are eligible. Families are offered family doctors, although surveys report that more than 4 million Canadians can't find a family physician to care for them (endnote). In Canada medication isn’t free, medical services as a whole negotiate with pharmaceutical companies so our prescription costs are much lower (endnote). Otherwise most pay their prescription bills from insurance policies or from their pocket. The Key Processes and Procedures of Australia Health Care

The quality and standard of public health care system in Melbourne Australia is as good as any other healthcare system in the world. Although with its effectiveness and functional capabilities, it also has its flaw. In Australia, health care is provided by the Medicare and is financed by the proceeds and tax, with the bulk of the health costs funded by the government while the remainder is paid by the patient.i The health care system in Australia is similar to Canada’s system. The major difference with the two countries is the availability of both public and private health insurance whereas in Canada there is only public health care available. The government and city of Melbourne spend lots of money to make sure that an average citizen and permanent resident of Australia get good and proper medical health care. The expenditure on healthcare in 2011 stood to a projected value of US$ 7,380 per head.ii According to the research done by a UK-based research company Espicorn, two-thirds of such expenditure was derived from public sources. In Canada, nearly 70% of the health care expenditure comes from the public segment and 30% from the private sector.iii On the other hand, the Australian Commonwealth government funds a distant proportion of the health care making the well-being of the citizens easygoing. Relocating our employees to Melbourne will not only uplift the status and profit level of the company, it will also give them the chance and opportunity to enjoy the beautiful diversity in culture while maintaining good health and well-being.

Residence of Australia and people who come from a country that has common health care agreement with Australia may be needed to pay the Medicare levy and Medicare Surcharge which comes in form of tax. These levies are forms of medical scheme that gives Australians residents access to health care.iv The money realized from this scheme is used to help fund the Medicare system. You may be...
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