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Strategic Management Accounting assignment

Key points & Direction of the assignment:

Please clearly read the background information on the imaginary organization, General Information; Guidance and Marking Guide which provided by the school (Total 4 pages as per attached).

**The report must quote reference**.

1) Have a page stating the company name.
2) Content
3) Short Executive Summary (not more than 1 page) and around 950 words for each questions (Total about 3,000 words, plus or minus 5%) 4) To produce a Report to the directors which addresses the following Three questions.

Don’t write “Direct Material” caused the company is a service provider under the service industry and assume no stocks

Question 1:

What are the key roles which a strategic management accountant would undertake in an organization such as Jessup?

- Please refer to the enclosed file (1 page only) which provided the CIMA definition of what is Strategic Management accounting and details role of Management Accountancy. - Given the situation of the company, Jessup Ltd.

- What the Strategic Management Accountant should focus on (at least quote 4-5 areas of key roles to answer this question). - E.g. Budget, Management Controlling system, Planning……… - Variances

- Elaborate on what the Strategic Management Accountant can do. - According to the needs of Jessup Ltd
- Jessup Ltd is a growing fast company, they need to have a better planning….. - Functions

Question 2:

What is meant by the terms relevant and irrelevant costs and revenues in Strategic Management Accounting decision making? Include several small numerical examples in your answer.


1) Short definition of relevant and irrelevant costs and revenues.

2) Explain and quote some small numerical examples (must provide evidence to support your findings)

3) Suggested to set up a scenario to make the Investment decision...
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