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Topics: Homelessness, The Streets, Thought Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 14, 2013

NAME: Junile L. DenampoDATE: March 13, 2013
YR. & SEC.: II – Our Lady of the Holy Rosary


The structure of this novel helps to emphasise the contrast between the characters. In alternating chapters, Link and Shelter tell their own stories in first person. The author also changes the language and structure of these personal stories to contrast the different characters. For example in Shelter’s passages, the heading is written as “Daily routine orders”, this hints to the reader that Shelter is a strict and organised person. The type of language Shelter uses says a lot about him, for example when he says “all of my clients are dossers”, and it is meant to mean that he is in fact helping his victims. It appears that Shelter is very intelligent when he states in his passage “There is a trap serial killers fall into, namely, the trap of pattern”.

Early in the story, we find out that Shelter is a cold hearted man with no ethics or morals. For example, we are told that Shelter thinks killing the homeless is good for society. One reason he thinks this, is because he is cleaning the streets of London of all these eye sores. Another reason is because he thinks he is doing his victims a favour by “putting them out their misery”. He is also very calculating and deceptive, for example in his passage he says, “I have acquired a cat”, which he uses to fool his victims in thinking he is caring. Shelter also wears do-gooder clothes to hide the suspicion from his victims.

Link’s characteristics are very suitable for his role in this novel. One reason is because he’s a teenager which makes him vulnerable because he still can’t quite look after himself. This makes the audience feel more sympathetic towards him will feel more sympathetic towards him than they would if it were an adult. He is also very sensitive, we find this out when Link starts begging on the streets, and feels rejected when people ignore him. Also when he finds...
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