State Children's Health Insurance Program

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State Children's Health Insurance Program

Monday, August 12, 2013

State Children's Health Insurance Program
The State Children's Health Insurance Program is a health insurance program designed to cover children who come from low income, uninsured families who cannot afford private pay health insurance coverage. This program can be offered in conjunction with Medicaid services or separate from it as states have several options on how to design their program to ensure the best coverage for the children in their state. SCHIP is a great program because it allows the nation's most helpless individuals the ability to seek medical services when they need it most. SCHIP covers children of all medical backgrounds and regardless of their family's ability to pay. The future of health care lies in the hands of today's children and the nation must strive to make sure they are the healthiest children so they are able to take on the world when it is their turn. Support for this policy is extremely important because it will allow families to be able to take care of their children who have many medical needs who would otherwise not be able to pay for their care. Children, like adults need to be able to have access to medical care whether it is a minor injury, a major surgery and everything in between. In order for this program to work, the government can allow individuals to enroll into the group using a tax credit which would allow families to enroll using a tax credit if they qualify by making up to 200% of the federal poverty line (Weil, 2001). This will help to filter out individuals who make more money and save on funding costs. To keep costs down on providing care to families within the government's health insurance, states should provide annual reports on enrollment numbers and how funds are used, this will also help to keep the cost of care down (LA & M, 2007).

LA, B., & M, D. (2007). Distributing State Children's Health...

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