Starbucks success story

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Starbucks could be called one of the largest success stories in American history. The company started from humble beginnings and worked its way to the top. Starting from a small building in Pike Place market in Seattle Washington, there are now more than 20,000 locations worldwide. The company’s mission and goals have allowed it to succeed in a fast pace world, and Starbuck’s loyal customers have stuck by their favorite brand through it all. The Starbucks experience is unique from all others. The history and progress of the company have contributed to the Starbucks lifestyle we all know today. In 1971 Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Jordan Bowker pulled together $8,000 to open up the first Starbucks. Alfred Peet, their supplier of premium coffee beans and equipment helped inspire their venture (gourmet-coffee-zone 1). In 1982, Baldwin insisted on bringing Howard Shultz into the company as leader of the marketing department. After a trip to Italy, Shultz felt very inspired by the fashionable coffee houses and café culture he saw. Baldwin was not originally sold by the idea. He didn’t want selling coffee by the cup to distract from his whole coffee bean sales, but he let Howard test it out in a corner of one of the stores. Eventually Howard Shultz left Starbucks to start his own business. Selling his coffee by the cup was a big success. In 1987 he purchased Starbucks for 3.7 million dollars (gourmet-coffee-zone 1). Although it may have seemed like a gamble at the time, it was the best business decision that Howard Schultz would ever make. Throughout the years, Starbucks has celebrated many successes, along with some failures. The company has since moved on from that and has become even stronger. In 1988 came a big step in the Starbucks Company. They started offering full health benefits to full time and part time employees (Global assets 1). This was a major deal because it was not very common to get complete health benefits at that time, especially if you were a part time employee. As you can imagine, Starbucks has been through many ups and downs. In 2009 they were forced to cut thousands of jobs and close many stores (The New York Times, 1). However, they persevered, and as the company has evolved, so has the Starbucks logo. The Starbucks logo’s history has a long story itself. The concept of the logo is to capture an image of Seattle’s many sea ports and the seafaring history of coffee (Steve, 1). That is where the two-tailed mermaid came in, or Siren. The original icon of the siren was very suggestive but also showed the nautical theme that Starbucks was going for. Through the years, the Siren has evolved along with the company. The mermaid’s bare breasts that were exposed in the original logo are now covered by her long hair and the image is now cropped so you can no longer see her navel. Even after all of the changes, the siren is still the heart of the Starbucks and helped the company become what it is today . The Starbucks mission is divided into 5 major focuses. The first and most important is the coffee. One thing that Starbucks declares very proudly is that the quality of the coffee always has and always will be the number one priority. Ethically sourcing the finest coffee beans the world has to offer will never be put on the backburner in the Starbucks empire (Starbucks, 1). Starbucks coffee buyers take time to travel to farms in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to make sure that only the highest quality coffee beans are being selected (Global Assets, 1). Another focus is their partners. All employees of Starbucks are called partners because they are passionate about their work. Partners are treated with respect and comfortable in their work environment, it is home (Starbucks, 1). In Howard Schultz book, Pour Your Heart into it, he states "The key is heart. I pour my heart into every cup of coffee, and so do my partners at Starbucks. When customers sense that, they respond in kind.” The...
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