Stake Your claim

Topics: Unemployment, Poverty, Homelessness Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Raylah Williams

Stake your claim.
With unemployment rates remaining high, jobs are hard to find in the current economy. Even if people can find work, this does not automatically provide an escape from poverty. In 2007 of economy significantly declined and still has not returned to what it has used to be. People setting up camps in our neighborhood shouldn’t be such a bad thing but a chance for us to give back to our community. I’m not saying open up your homes to them but helping them in every way that we can. Just as much as some of us don’t want them here I doubt that they would want to be her. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were homeless would you want to be dragged out or forced out of the last place you have to go? I believe the homeless shouldn’t be forced out of our neighborhood because they have nowhere else to go, they are harmless, and they are still a part of a community.

The town shouldn’t force the homeless out of the neighborhood because they have no where else to go. Don’t you believe that if they had a home or a place to that they could go that they would be sleeping in our neighborhood? I look around and see these people and feel sympathy and want to help them. There are many family owned business in the town and so maybe instead of breaking them down and trying to take them away from the only place they have left to call home you should help them. By maybe just talking to them and learning what skills and abilities they have you can make a difference by getting them a job to provide money to eat and help them survive.

Another reason we shouldn’t force the homeless out of the neighborhood is because they are harmless. They are not hurting or harming any of us. They aren’t breaking into our homes or stealing from us. If they have stolen from any stores their intentions were only to survive. If we would help them by providing them with food or water anytime that we could then maybe they wouldn’t have stolen. We should all...
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