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Topics: Unemployment, Homelessness, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Did you know that there are about 3 million homeless people in the united states? 1million 300 000 of them are children. in the Netherlands there are people 35,000 to 40,000. Among them are drug addicts, prostitutes, illegal immigrants, and people with mental health problems. The ages range from under twenty to eighty years. Most of them are men. Only fiteen percent of the homeless are women. They´re often employed in prostitution.

But why are these people homeless?
There are several reasons why someone may be homeless. In areas where unemployment is high, many are often unable to find work, so they lack social benefits, for example, in countries like the United States, They have no money to pay for a house. In other areas, a homeless person does have work, but it isn’t enough to pay for a home. Also a number of homeless people suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction or mental illness.

Their life is usually very hard and dangerous. They don’t have access to education or medical facilities. They are more vulnerable to crime, drug addiction, diseases, abuse, malnutrition. They can even freeze to death. They sleep on benches outside, in tunnels, under bridges, bus stops, in airports. They will sleep where ever they can sleep.

How would I want change it?
Well, The most productive way to get started helping the homeless is volunteering. If more people volunteer to join forces with a well-established operation they will learn from those who are already making a difference, rather than repeating the mistakes of well-meaning but misguided beginner.   Giving is another great way to help, however, you shouldn’t give money directly to the homeless. Cash gifts are often used to buy drugs and alcohol. Instead, make your donations to a well-known, organization. Many shelters and soup kitchens also welcome food, clothing and other supplies.

Why would i want to change that? How does that make a change for me? How does that make a change in the world? Well,...
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