Special Education

Topics: Psychology, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: February 8, 2009
Brandy Baker
February 7, 2008

Article Reflection: What is Special about Special Education for Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders?

Landrum, Tankersley, and Kauffman (2003) examine the topic of special education interventions for emotional or behavioral disorders (EBD). The authors contend that the main purpose of the article is to examine the extent to which the field of special education has developed effective practices for three contexts –inappropriate behavior, academic learning problems, and ineffectual interpersonal relationships.

The authors’ posit three research questions that explicitly address their thesis. This article is an attempt to determine what interventions offer the most promise for students with EBD and the extent to which these interventions are implemented in schools. Overall, the authors attempt to determine whether or not special education with EBD is really special (effective). Although the theoretical assumptions are not explicitly illuminated by the authors, several do present themselves: (a) successful interventions for students with EBS must be built on behavioral foundations; (b) academic interventions must target effective instruction and learning strategies that enhance a student’s ability to attend to instruction, retain information, and apply knowledge in appropriate contexts; and (c)social skills interventions must be based on carefully and individually targeted behaviors.

The authors’ work present several different types of materials such as peer reviewed articles and longitudinal studies. They use these materials to demonstrate and argue that teaching special education students with EBD demands unique interventions that are beyond interventions designed for general education students. Although the authors briefly mention the frequencies in which interventions are implemented into the classroom, they fail to establish a clear connection between the interventions that they identified...
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