SP15 HTH 354 questions chapter 1 1

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Chapter 1 Questions- Group Activity
Please type your response for your team and email it to hartzlkm@jmu.edu.

Each team will answer all three questions below.
1. How would you describe the US healthcare system? List some words that describe your thoughts. Dysfunctional, expensive, distinct, controversial, divided

2. Explain the basics of the US healthcare system in your own words. A network of different components that includes financing, insurance, delivery, and payment. Financing refers to payment options that are available for an individual, as insurance signifies the amount of coverage from the providers. Delivery is the different services that are provided by a certain network or a company and the payments are the cost that insurance does and does not cover.

3. Pick any country and find out information about their healthcare system. What type of system do they have? What are the basic components? How does that country’s system compare to the US system Great Britain: The UK healthcare system follows the National Health Service (NHS), and the NHS is founded on the principles of primary care and has a strong focus on community health services. They are more geographically focused and healthcare is covered more by the public sector rather than private sectors. To be more specific, the U.K. focuses on “socialized healthcare,” whereas the U.S. is privatized.

Each team will also answer one of the questions below.
1. Why does cost containment remain an elusive goal in US health services delivery? 2. What are the two main objectives of a health care delivery system? Name the four basic functional components of the US healthcare delivery system. What role does each play in the delivery of health care? 3. What is the primary reason for employers to purchase insurance plans to provide health benefits to their employees? 4. Why is it that despite public and private health insurance programs, some US citizens are without health care coverage? How will...
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