Soup Kitchen

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Soup Kitchen Experience Essay
On Thursday, May 27th, I volunteered at the United Methodist soup kitchen to prepare them for the meal they would serve later that evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience not only because it was a great cause but also, the feeling you get from helping those less fortunate is a great sensation. I had volunteered there in the past serving in the evening so I wanted to help out earlier as to gain a new experience.  A lot of the work that I did was prepping for the evening service. I cut onions, bread, and set up the tables and dessert trays. It was nice to have other people there to talk with. Many of which have helped out there before. The fellow who is in charge of the meals and soup kitchen is also humorous and also has a lot of food facts to share. It was nice to meet someone who really enjoyed what he was doing and was also knowledgeable.  I understand why what the soup kitchen does relates to the environment, as people and the environment are not two separate things. I can see why some might think that the soup kitchens services help people more than the environment but the environment is also benefited as all of the food that the soup kitchen uses for the meals that they serve is donated. This helps keep the food that people do not want out of trashes and landfills and helps feed people that need meals instead. Overall, I thought that this was a great opportunity to get involved with the community and also something that happens many times a week so it would be easy to make a habit out of it. It is also a great example of how a little help goes a long way when you approach it as an opportunity rather than forced charity work. The soup kitchen is a great cause to help with that allows you to help many people that need it and may also be a great way to meet other people who are interested in helping the community.

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I woke up half-consciously at 6:30 A.M. to the sound of my alarm. Thinking that the...
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