Society and The Vulnerable

Topics: Homelessness, Humanitarian aid, Donation Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Society and the Vulnerable

What does it mean to be “vulnerable” and who are they? Being vulnerable is anyone who is helpless, defenseless, weak, or susceptible. Which for the most part is anyone. But specifically I believe the vulnerable are anyone who are homeless or living in poverty.

Over the years many charities, organizations, and homes have been established for people living under these circumstances. The organizations and charities have helped these people drastically when it comes to clothing donations and food. The government also provides many people and families with necessities such as free public education, public housing, access to health care, and welfare/food stamps.

For the most part I think everything that society does for the less fortunate is very helpful, but there is always room for more help. If you have the financial stability to support yourself and family I don’t see why you shouldn’t do at least something to support those in need. Even if you don’t have or want to give money there are plenty of ways to help out by just simply giving some time and effort. Everyone should have the same rights of others, we are one nation and we should work together to support anyone who is struggling!

Thinking back on it about 3 years ago, at Temple Beth Emet, there was a special day called “Mitzvah Day” where you had the opportunity to accomplish a good deed. For example, there was a station set up where you could donate your hair, write letters to soldiers, and make food (soup kitchen) The one my mom and I chose to participate in was the soup kitchen. With us two and many other people working together we ended up making a great amount of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that was then shipped to a place where they were able to distribute it to the homeless. Aside from that my mom and I donated canned foods as well. With my time and effort I was able to achieve something great. I have to say it was an amazing feeling. Ever...
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