Society's Treatment of the Homeless People in Latvia

Topics: Homelessness, Begging, Poverty Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: October 19, 2010
I had read very interesting article in magazine about society’s treatment of the homeless people in Latvia. There are different opinions in society about how should the homeless people be treated. Some people think that there is no homelessness tolerated in normal society. But the problem is that there are people who think to homelessness as the normal lifestyle and can not imagine themselves living in different and better conditions. Those homeless people have voluntarily chosen this kind of lifestyle as the only way to feel absolutely free from commerce. There was a project made in Cesis to try to help the homeless people all around the district. The agency of social help and service of Cesis district searched for homeless people and offered them a chance to wash, to give them clean and tidy closes, breakfast and also some job opportunities. Only seven homeless men and one woman accepted some of the offerings- they washed and took the clothing but they refused to go to a job and didn’t also take breakfast. And only few of them said thank you to the helpers. This is not the only project made in Latvia. Projects like this show society’s interest and efforts to help people integrate in our society, although the peoples` attitude showed on the internet is negative. People call the homeless idlers, parasites and beggars or the odd ones. They say that government should think more of normal citizens and not to spend so much money trying to help those who refuse to help themselves. In article author’s opinion opinion is that every member of society should be more interested in events of our country and try to help someone who needs the help. In fact our society is a bit too selfish. People think about commercial things too much, the compassion and sensitivity are not very common among the typical western people of 21st century. It’s a pity, because actually every one of us can find themselves into a materially and mentally difficult situation, where a helping hand is...
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