Social Identities and How They Impact on the People Within Them

Topics: Identity, Inequality, Equality Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: May 11, 2013
This essay will be describing the inequalities in the social identities and how they impact on the people within them. “Social identity an identity given by connections to other people and social situations. Some examples are group and collective identities, situated identities, given by the immediate situation so liable to change, and relational identities, usually given by a two-sided, possibly unequal, relationship (Stephanie Taylor p.167)”. Sociologists look at the social identity because they want to “understand the bigger picture of society, social scientist should look at the details of ordinary social life, and, second, because in focusing on what people do and how they interact”. In this essay there will description only in three in the particular: Street People identity, racial and ethnic identities and identities of residence. The first paragraph will concentrate on identities. There are many different types of identities: one of the example will be personal identity. This identity can refer to real me. This identity can change during people’s lives in different good or bad experience. “So throughout life, people are constantly faced with fact that they need to change and transform their identities from situation to situation, but sometimes just because life throws unexpected things at them (audio)”. People have different identities during their life and not always they are equal. “People`s multiple identities are given by their similarities and the differences, and their connections with others (Stephanie Taylor p.174)”. People can have many different identities during their live and that depends of their situation for example the woman can become a mother, when we lose the job. The first example of social identity is the Street people wholive on the streets. There are also collective identities where the differences also happen. Relationships are not always equal and of help to each other. They can involve power which is not correctly shared. So...
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