Social Housing

Topics: Mental disorder, Homelessness, Health care Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Young People and Social Housing – Case Study Mandy

By Robert Palmer

1. Mandy is a young lady at risk of being homeless. It is important to understand Social Housing for the Homeless or those at Risk of Being Homeless. Causes for youth homelessness or youth at risk of homelessness vary and include Domestic violence, a shortage of affordable housing , family breakdown, drug and alcohol abuse and in Mandy’s case Mental Illness. People at risk of being homeless are some of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in our community. Being such a diverse group of people, there are a number of services available for the homeless or those at risk of being homeless, these include Large agencies, church based charities, small community based organisations, local governments and state and commonwealth government departments. Some of these organizations provide information directly linked with housing, however there are also services available that provide health care for this client group including hospitals, community health centres, mental health services and drug and alcohol clinics. 2. A generation ago Social housing was let mostly to low to moderate income working families. The trends in social housing have changed and these days social housing stocks have dropped dramatically due to government funding cuts close to $3 billion since 1996. Governments have also made strict guidelines for assigning Social housing which targets the needier households and makes it harder for moderate income earners to find suitable housing. The changing social, political and economic context of social housing refers to how the sector changes due to government policy changes, economic changes. Overtime social housing has changed as society has moved towards a more compassionate and inclusive approach to people in need. 3. It is a requirement that a worker report and refer any areas of concern. Areas of concern can include A sick or injured client, signs of violence...
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