Similarities and Differences: A Current Affair and the 7.30 Report

Topics: Tracy Grimshaw, Present, Bringing Them Home Pages: 4 (1178 words) Published: July 20, 2008
A Current Affair (Ch 9) and The 7.30 Report (ABC 1) are examples of group media communication. They fall in the category of current affairs. These programs share common components such as form and context. They differ quite clearly in audience, language and purpose. The programs that were viewed on Wednesday the 13th of February 2008 will be useful to analyse the points of comparison between the two, Especially the Stolen Generations Apology.

The 7.30 Report and A Current Affair, talk about the cultural, political and social events and interests at the present time. A current Affair mostly talks about political and social events that happen nationally, although there are some stories that also include overseas news. For example, celebrity power couples, but this story also surrounded Australian celebrity couples. While the 7.30 Report talks about cultural political and social events nationally and internationally.

Tracy Grimshaw is the presenter and interviewer of A Current Affair (ACA). Tracy presents the news in a soft manner and doesn’t really force the questions that might need to be asked. For instance when she was interviewing Andrew Bolt and Michael Marshell, Tracy just let them argue the point of the stolen generation apology, and if we should of said sorry or not. Where as Kerry O’Brian presenter and interviewer for the 7.30 Report presents hard news to the audience and get straight to the point in interviews. Such as when he was giving an interview with Jenny Macklin minister for indigenous affairs, he went straight to the point and didn’t hold back any questions. Both programs fall into the category of current affairs and share

A Current Affair and the 7.30 report differ quite obviously in purpose, as the programs show different types of news. ACA mostly shows entertainment news, for example when they showed the celebrity power couples, they use music which attracts the audience to watch that story. Where as the 7.30 report...

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