Significant Health Care Event

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Biography of Dimetria Major
Dimetria was born May 17, 1962 in Newark, New Jersey, at the age of 5. I started at 14th Ave School. My father was not in the picture of my growing up and having 3 brothers and 3 sisters living conditions was hard for my mother Ruby Major we had to at times to sleep in one bed when staying at families houses. I always wanted to be a nurse and as I got older I became closer to my grandmother in the kitchen with southern cooking, so I started to cooking for my family in different gathering, at 13 I saw a boy that I thought was handsome and pursue him and that gentlemen became my husband. William Wiggins and, we, have 3 children together, Natasha age 32, William age 28, Keyonna age 25. I started working with varies hotels in house-keeping and found my love for cleaning and making people happy with my work, in the year 1993 I started working in U.M.D.N.J. Hospital of New Jersey, I resigned from the hospital because of a personal problems and been going around finding happiness in different jobs. In the year 1996 I became a grandmother for the first time and thought that I was never find happiness like seeing one of my grandchild being born, but the lord Jesus Christ my lord and savior was the rock in my life, because he showed me that life can be better than just working , so I decided that I needed something, I hoped that the lord will let me see more happiness and Jesus responded with my happy life, so my goal in my life is to better myself by going back to school; the idea of me back in school sitting in classes day after day sounded boring as nothing I ever thought so I, looked online for different online schools to choose from and the University of phoenix came as the most interesting of all the schools. I have a goal for myself, that is to achieve a lever of education, so that I can be a better person in my wayward life and be able to help people once again in jobs or a job that is in the hospitality services, of courses I will endure obstacles in this part of the life by continuing education but I, have something that a choice few don't have in life and hearts that’s Jesus himself, he is my strength and his promise makes my day go by with hope and happiness in my soul that will make a different for me, in general as a student in this college. Since I have been in University of Phoenix I have become more adapted on the idea of getting my Bachelor’s Degree, because of the instructor’s way of teaching an online course has amazed me so much. I still have a long way to go but I have a positive outlook on the future of my immediate goals. I’m hoping to have a career in (RHIT) Registered Health Information Technician, so I willing to go the distance in achieving that goal for myself and my family. I look to Jesus for my source and help in everything I do in life. I’m almost done with the Bachelor’s Program and looking forward in working in healthcare again which is my passion. I pray that the 4 years I’m been in University of Phoenix help me reach my goal as a (RHIT) in health administration in my Master’s program.

Significant Health Care Event

Dimetria Major
March 12, 2013
Mary Helen Mays

Significant Health Care Event

Health care is full of different technology that has been passed down from generation to generation, but now technology has a purpose in maintaining a healthier life style for each individual that come for care at any health facility. The change in health care is significant because of how innovation helps doctors in operating room. Values and beliefs are key in accepting the new technology for you...

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