Significant Health Care Event

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Significant Health Care EventAmy DiZio
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Significant Health Care Event
There are many events that have influenced health care and the way it has been delivered throughout the years. These events have helped shape and change health care with the ever changing needs of the population at large. Some of the influences are society, culture, finance, religion, politics, health trends, environment and population (Shi and Singh, 2012, p.9). For the purpose and focus of this paper, we will discuss a specific significant event and how this event has impacted health care. Significant Event’s Relation to Health Care

One significant event that has occurred in society today is excessive litigation, and this has greatly changed the world of health care and how it is delivered and managed. There has been a deluge of advertisement across all outlets of information sources on how to proceed with litigation against a health care provider or facility. Law firms have become specialized in the litigation of health care related cases and conditions. The result is that health care facilities close because of the financial burden of payments resulting from litigations, the amount paid for malpractice insurance rises, insurance premiums rise, and costs of health care increases because of the additional procedures ordered to try to prevent litigation (Satiani, 2004). The practice of defensive medicine is estimated to cost two and a half times average coverage cost and the estimated savings in tort reform is passed in 50 billion dollars (Satiani, 2004). The cost of the settlements paid by a health care facility or provider can be financially devastating. This money that is used to fulfill these settlements could be better used to improve health care practice and delivery by making preventative care more available, prescription drug assistance or better resources for those that are uninsured. Also, fear of litigation can delay the release of a new...

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Shi, L., & Singh, D. A. (2012). Delivering health care in America: A systems approach (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Jones & Barlet.
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