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Significant Health Care Event Paper

Terri Adams-Smith


March 31, 2014

Dr. Rachel Kehoe

This paper will attempt to discuss events that has changed or affected health care of today. Over the years health care has been influenced by numerous events throughout the United States history. Some events have contributed to the shaping and improvement of the American people’s health care needs. This influence includes society, culture, finance, religion, politics, technology, health trends, the environment, and population (Shi & Singh, 2012, p. 9). These influences has contribute to the United States health care evolution that has and continues to impact and access the health care of the American people long with his or her personal values and beliefs. Significant Event’s

In the recent years there has been more and more litigation over health care. In today’s society advertisements a springing up all over the place for litigations against health care professionals, health care facilities and pharmacuetal companies. These advertisements are being placed on the television, on the radio, over the internet, on billboards and public transportation. Lawyers are now specializing in significant health care conditions or diseases. This in itself has placed a huge burden on the health care profession and facilities. Some health care facilities have ended up shutting its doors because of the financial burdens of payments, malpractice premiums, and other financial burdens associated with additional procedures to avoid litigation (Satiani, 2004). Health care facilities and professionals are spending billions of dollars on defensive medicine (Satiani, 2004). These health care dollars are needed elsewhere to improve health care practices such as implementing preventative care, research, and insuring the uninsured. Another effect on the health care is the Patient Protected and Affordable Care Act. The...

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