Should the Us Have Universal Health Care

Topics: United States, Universal health care, Health economics Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Michael Holcomb Should The U.S. Have or Not Have Universal Health Care 9/10/2010
Why doesn’t the United States have universal health care as a right of citizenship? The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee access health care as a right of citizenship. I think that the U.S. should have a universal health care policy because, the U.S. ranks poorly relative to other industrialized nations in health care, a universal health care policy would be relatively inexpensive, and a universal health care policy would enable all citizens’ access to health care regardless of race or the ability to pay.

Despite having the best trained health care providers the U.S. is way behind when comes to our nations care. We rank 23rd in infant mortality, down from 12th from 1960 and 21st in 1990. The U.S. ranks 20th in life expectancy for women, down from 1st in 1945 and 13th in 1960. The U.S. ranks 21st in the life expectancy for men, down 1st in 1945 and 17th in 1960. The U.S. ranks 50th and 100th in immunizations depending on the immunization. Overall the U.S. is 67th when it comes to a healthy America.

So, you think a universal health care policy would be too expensive? Well let me fill you in on some of our budget spending. The U.S. spends 40% more per capita on health care than any other industrialized country with universal health care. Federal studies by the Congressional Budget Office and the General Accounting office single payer universal health care 100 to 200 Billion dollars per year despite covering all the uninsured and increasing health care benefits. The cost of health care in Canada as a percentage of the GNP, which were identical in the U.S. when Canada changed to a single payer, universal health care system in 1971, has increased at a rate much lower than the U.S., despite the U.S. economy being much stronger. So in a nut shell, single payer, universal health care...
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