Should the Government Provide Health Care?

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health insurance Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: November 22, 2010
The price of health insurance is increasingly counting costing the American people thousand of dollars on premiums. And the quality of medical in the United States is among the best in the world. So having the government provide healthcare would be the best thing for all Americans. This type of health insurance would help the unemployed as well as the employed.

While healthcare insurance continue to grow many companies choose not to hire permanent employees so they don’t have to pay the high cost of insurance premiums for them. Companies that pay more than half on premiums would have fewer funds to spend on raises on their current employees. And as an individual they would have less money to spend on their daily needs for their families. If the government is paying for everything companies would be able to hire employees as permanent and offer them full health care insurance that wouldn’t cost the company any extra money. An individual won’t have to worry about not having enough for rent, food for their families.

American without health insurance has increased by 4.4 million but with a government controlled health care system their would be less health risk for poorer families and lower their risks of dying due to not having affordable health insurance. In Canada they provide government controlled health system that is mostly free thought federal standards. And the cost is paid through their income taxes and a monthly fixed premium and is reduced if the incomes are low.

Providing free medical services can help patients that might inquire problems early they won’t be afraid not to see a doctor. Because of the high cost of doctor’s fess and high c/o pay that needs to be paid at the time of visited. Free healthcares American are able to see a doctor early so that they can help prevent major problems like cancer, HIV and other major illnesses.
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