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1.1Name of the Firm

The proposed business shall be named APB’s Coco Lumber.

Unit # 2, De Gonzales Bldg.,Sangumay St., Barangay Sangitan, Cabanatuan city.

1.3Brief Description of the Project

The proposed Coco Lumber will be housed in a 1000 sq. m concrete structure situated on the above address. The site is accessible to all types of transportation vehicles. It is approximately 10 meters from the Santa Rosa Public Market and some known establishments like CVC Supermarket, Jollibee and 7 Eleven. Products to be offered include the different length and sizes of coco lumber. This study also identified possible customers where term/s of payment includes consignment arrangement to compete with other coco lumbers.

1.4Project Summary

1.4.1Market Feasibility

There are at present more than 5 bakeries (DTI, 20 ____) presently operating within Cabanatuan scattered in 26 barangays. Latest survey (Cab. City Census Office, 20___) revealed that 15% of the total population (255,000 / 5 per household or 51,000 households) of Cabanatuan patronize bread and other bakery items. XYZ Baker’s Best intends to capture only 50% or 100 customers of the unserved demand (Table ___, page ___). The estimated 100 potential customers of the proposed bakery will come from the residents of Brgy. Sangitan, and the rest will be distributed to the different barangays of Cabanatuan ... 1.4.2Technical Feasibility

Mr. X has enough knowledge and experience in commercial baking. He has 5 years stint as head baker is a shipping company until his retirement in 20 ___. Two helpers who have equal knowledge in baking will be hired. Sources of raw materials are readily available in the Sangitan Public Market. Machines and equipment to be used will be bought from a supplier in Binondo, Manila. The dough machine has a rated capacity of 10 quarts, 5-speed, while the rotary gas oven measures 6’ x 5’ x 4’. A display room will be installed adjacent to the production area. The store will be opened from 5:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Twelve (12) products will be made available; from hot pandesal to fancy breads... 1.4.3 Management Feasibility

Single or sole proprietorship will be the type of business organization to be adopted by XYZ Baker’s Best. The owner will also act as the baker and cashier. Two (2) experienced bakers will also be employed. Seven (7) days is expected to be consumed for the repairs of the building, purchase of machines and equipment, raw materials, and of securing the necessary permits... 1.4.4 Financial Feasibility

The total project cost is estimated at P171,085.00 which will be provided by Mr. X. The amount includes the pre-operating expenses and the working capital requirements of the said project.

Based on the 5-year financial projections made by Mr. X, ROI averages to ___%, while payback period is ___ year/s, otherwise refer to the financial projections (pro-forma cash flow, balance sheet and income statement) attached in this report... 1.4.5 Socio-economic Impact

The proposed business will religiously pay the taxes that may be due to the government. It will also contribute to the growth of related industries and product will be made affordable to consumers. More importantly, it will generate employment, and will create income for those who will be employed ... Mr. X’s decision came after careful analysis of the trends and market situation in the bakery industry, returns on the investment was also considered ...

2.1 Brief Background of the Study

There is a growing demand for bakery products (Cabanatuan City Chamber of Commerce, 2010) among the residents of Cabanatuan as evidenced too by the latest Provincial Baker’s Association Report of 2010. The proponent having practiced his profession as baker for 5 years in an international shipping company, and whose savings is enough to put up a bakery, has decided to venture in this kind of business. 2.2...

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