Service Learning

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Myhiesha Calmes
Service Learning Essay
BUS X203

Time spent at Inner Voice
My service learning experience was much different from any other I've ever had. It wasn't at all like an ordinary reading or writing assignment. It was an ongoing project that dealt with real life. I did my service learning at a women’s shelter in Chicago Illinois, called Inner Voice Homeless Shelter. Service Learning is an opportunity that only few fortunate students are able to participate in. I am very thankful that I have taken advantage of this opportunity. This whole experience has opened my eyes in many ways. Though I had been to orphanages before with my family and friends, it was my first visit to the women’s shelter home, so I did not have any idea about the likely situation there. We were quite eager to visit the home, so we set the date and time of the visit between us. The day finally arrived. We reached the place where the shelter home was located.

When I first got to the homeless shelter I didn’t know what to really think, and I was kind of nerves because I didn’t know what to expect. I went to the homeless shelter with some girls from my modeling team. When we arrived the supervisor Heaven Alexander greeted us. She took us around the building for a tour and she explained to us about the homeless shelter and what their mission was. She told us that the program at the homeless shelter was designed to help the women find jobs and get back on their feet; she said they also give the women counseling to the women. As we walked through the building there were a bunch of little scream “there’s models here”, they were so happy to see us. As soon as the women in the shelter noticed us, they all glimpsed at us, but did not show any welcoming expression. I had the impression that they were surprised and did not like the visit of strangers coming their rooms. They looked diffident. The supervisor of the home, told us that there were...
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