Serious Crisis Between Two Nations

Topics: United Nations, Nuclear weapon, Peace Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: January 1, 2013
The only way to solve a serious crisis between two nations is by going to war. What is your opinion? Even though the twentieth century saw two world wars, the threat of war is something which hangs over us all the time, and is particularly acute in times of international crisis, It is my belief that war is not the answer and should only be declared as a last resort. Avoidance is the key word. It is a sad fact that war is being waged somewhere in the world every day of the year. Obviously, without disarmament on a global scale this is the way it will always be. Without weapons, countries would not be able to fight but, instead, would be forced to reach a peaceful compromise. It seems that it is the world’s superpowers who play an important role in making sure that war is averted. By not abusing their strength, and respecting the rights of minor countries to self-determination many conflicts could be avoided. They should also stay out of the internal affairs of other countries. Disagreeing with the politics of another country does not give the superpowers the right to invade it. It is also their responsibility to halt the arms race by setting the example. For instance, should they themselves dismantle their existing missile systems and put a stop to the testing of nuclear weapons then other countries would be forced to follow suit. The importance of setting major disputes such as those regarding a country’s borders or the fair distribution of resources such as oil and water is paramount in preventing some wars from breaking out. Should two countries involved in a dispute fail to resolve the issue, the United Nations, an international organization, should be called in to arbitrate. Any talks will then be conducted through an intermediary body which will assist the countries in reaching a settlement. There are those countries though, who feel they can fully justify their reasons for engaging in warfare. Having to overthrow an oppressive regime is just one of them....
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