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Topics: Peacekeeping, United Nations, Nation Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Forum: Security Council!
Questions for: Developing Guidelines for External Involvement in Internally Fractured Countries!


Main Submitter: The Delegate of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and The Delegate of China!
Co-Submitters: The Delegate of Chad and The Delegate of Russia!


Expressing its Concern to the thin line between External Involvement in foreign countries and a hostile foreign takeover,!


Keeping in Mind of the recent incidents of hostile external engagement from Russia towards Ukraine,!


Bearing in Mind the long history of the United State’s overseas intervention acts involving the Middle East, Kuwait, Vietnam, Korea Nicaragua, Panama and Eastern Africa before and after the Cold War,!


Guided by the multiple events of unauthorized or unadvised interventions in internally fractured countries, especially in the middle east, to set new regulations to Overseas Intervention,!


Deeply Disturbed by the possible dangers and threats posed by provocative acts of oversea intervention amongst rival nations,!


Keeping In Mind of how The Great War began through the July Crisis, and how overseas intervention could possibly repeat a terrific part of human history or start a war,!


Recognizing the tense relationships between certain nations, and predicting that as a factor of cause towards the issue,!


Contemplating clear regulations to be initiated and strictly enforce,!

1. Encourages all nations in engaging in appropriate support or involvement towards internally fractured countries with their permission in such ways but no limited to:!
1. Food Support!
2. Water!
3. Water Filtration!
4. Medical Assistance!
5. Financial Assistance!






6. Shelter Construction!
7. Rebuilding Infrastructure in such ways but not limited to:! 1. Education Institutes,!
2. Hospitals,!
3. Roads;!
Emphasizes that militaristic action can only be taken...
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