S02A1 Research Site Mission and Vision

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Homeless shelter Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: January 23, 2013
S02a1 Research Site Mission and Vision
The Dwelling Place
By Elizabeth Eason
The Dwelling Place mission, vision and values are to support thought that are homeless. It is reported that “each night a million children have no place they can call home. Today homelessness has changed and it is affecting all gender, and economical population. At one time homeless only affected men and women who wander in the streets during the day, but in today’s society it is affecting family and children. It is believed the average age of person living in shelter is nine years old or knows as the hidden homeless and presently living in shelter or motels or living in overcrowded living conditions. This report will give the readers a view of who is helping these families in coping with homeliness and how the Dwelling Place is serving as a help haven for this population.

Identification and Explanation of Mission, Vision, and Goals The Dwelling Place is where I am employed as a Program Manager of Services. I oversee the program operation daily with countless duties throughout the day. The Dwelling Place: mission, vision, and goals “Stability.” Then, offers self-sufficiency. It provides a safe and secure emergency shelter for families in crisis and assists them in achieving self-sufficiency. Families of homelessness comprises of a fast growing component of homeless population. In Hampton Roads 55 percent of homeless is made-up of homeless. Due to loss of jobs, illness, eviction, spousal abuse, or the death of a family member has created the vase inflict of homeliness. The media contends homeliness is directly related to poverty due to the lack of unemployment, lack of affordable housing, social isolation, substance abuse, victimization, poor health, or family included in multigenerational welfare dependences. The Dwelling Place house eighty-six percent of residents with children, and incurred some form of health problems, developmental delays, malutritied, and...
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