Role of Policy in Regulating Health Systems in Developing Countries

Topics: Health care, Government, Healthcare Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: May 10, 2013
A health system consists of organizations, people, and actors whose primary intent is to promote, restore and maintain health. These include efforts of influencing determinants of health as well as more directly improving health services. The health system goes far beyond the confines of public health facilities. A good health system comprises of good health services, a well performing health work force, a well functioning health information system, equitable access to medical products vaccines and technologies, a good health financing system and good leadership and governance. The above are the building blocks of a health system.Uganda has many policies in place to promote good health some of which have be drafted under a multi stake holders participatory approach. For example the private- public partnership in health policy. The health sector has many actors including non- governmental organizations, civil society organizations, and other agencies beyond the ministry of health. The policies and planning are participatory and well defined. Good leadership and governance comes into play where the leadership of the country allows for policies to be drawn that help in improving service delivery to the people.In Uganda for instance the government is charged with under the ministry of Health to develop policies, structure and frame works for delivering health services the people. To implement this role Ministry of health designs strategies, guideline and policies that are evidence- based and needs-based criteria to deliver health services. This is done through a participatory process by the academia, civil society organization, private health providers, local governments and other stakeholders. Therefore in Uganda under the decentralization system of delivery, local governments are tasked with the role of overseeing the policy implementation process and developing by-laws to support health service delivery. Decentralization has been found to globally improve...
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