Risk Management Assesment in Community Mental Health

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Risk Management Assessment Summary

Community Mental Health

HCS/451 Health Care Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis

January 31, 2011

Risk Management Assessment

As a consultant working with community mental health facilities risk assessment and management will carefully be reviewed and examined for identification of quality patient outcomes. Any projects adapted into the community mental health facility should be well thought out and planned, and recognition that programs installed will be an ongoing process with appropriate room for improvements for perfecting the project or program.

Working as a consultant toward improving management and employee performance is critical to analyze all existing developments and problems throughout organization. Particular plans for risk-management and assessments for improvement for quality patient care are vital. As a consultant services introduced to the organization will include

• Development of coaching skills

• Organizational change

• Technology implementation

• Management assistance

• Policies and regulations of risk-management and assessment

• Strategy development

• Operational improvement services

Also provided will be recommendations for exceptional ways to enhance organizational performance in an effective and efficient way for completing all tasks.

Community Mental Health

A community mental health center provides comprehensive mental health services, which include ambulatory and inpatient care. The specific services to be provided are defined in an act of the U.S. Congress, the Community Mental Health Centers Act, and requirements are updated occasionally. The cost of consultation, educational services, instruction, development, and initial operation of the community health facility are paid for by the federal government (Community Mental Health Centers (2009).

Psychiatric care treatments will range because of multiple mental health services available and are assessable to all members of the community. All community members are available to receive community mental health services, and will not be turned away due to inability to pay for services, age, race, nationality, religion, sex, or economic status. There are a wide range of services available to patients, and risk assessment and risk management are critical for a safe environment for patients and employees.


The purpose of risk-management include

• Need to know models of risk assessment

• Bias and error in risk assessment

• Defensible decisions

• Record keeping and confidentiality

• Strategic plans for improvements

• Mental health inquiries

• Local policy and guidelines

Risk- management and assessment have taken on a critical position in the delivery of contemporary mental health services.

Exploration is necessary of the historical, clinical, political, and economic context of the concept of risk assessment and management, and critical review of the history of the mental illness and relationship to risk, examination of government policy on clinical risk-management, analysis risk assessment model and discussion of the political and economic factors that have influenced the use of risk-management in clinical practice (Crowe & Carlyle, 2003).

Working as a manager or employee in a community mental health center and assessing the patient for any signs of ill manner toward other individuals should be assessed. This is one example for the appropriate delivery of mental health service to individuals, and continuous educational training concerning that type of treatment method would best suite a particular patient is crucial. This is a form of contemporary governance, and a possible consequence may include positioning social concerns over clinical judgment. Focus on health outcomes by...

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