Riordan Manufacturing Hr Project Approach

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Riordan Manufacturing HR Project Approach

To: Hugh McCauley, Chief Operating Officer
Service Request ID: SR-rm-004
Organization Name: Riordan Manufacturing


According to your request, the project team will analyze your HR system tools for integration into a single application. Riordan Manufacturing has grown from a small plastics research and development firm to an international plastics manufacturing corporation. Riordan carries the contracts of over 30 customers of varying size, including the Department of Defense. The current HR system utilized by Riordan Manufacturing is outdated and no longer meets the needs of the large corporation. The project team will develop an HR system that will support the objective of establishing a single integrated application by using more sophisticated information systems technology. The project will begin Monday, November 8th, and conclude on Monday, July 4th. Project Initiation & Approach

Riordan Manufacturing has requested the project team make the HR system into a single integrated application by using more sophisticated technology. The project team will initially look at the current system to determine the technology in use and any short-comings it may have. After looking at the current system and discussing needs with senior management, the development team will meet to determine the scope, mission, and process of communication and documentation standards. The development team will determine the appropriate resources and staff to meet the needs of the project. Development of the plan will involve the determination of human resources needs.

Project Issues, Goals and Constraints

The initial step in the execution of this project would be the design of the new integrated application. The new application will allow for flexibility, and for future modifications to the HR application and will also allow for the collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving,...
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