Resource and Capability

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Document Management Services

Business Report Part-B


1 Executive Summary03

2 Resource Demands04
2.1 Financial Resources
2.2 Human Resources04
2.3 Physical Resources05
2.3.1 Location05
2.3.2 Technological Resources05
2.3.3 Marketing06
2.3.4 Infrastructure Resources06
2.4 Intangible Resources06
2.4.1 Brand07
2.4.2 Reputation07
2.4.3 Goodwill07
2.4.4 Organizational Values07
2.5 Value Chain Analysis07

3 Resource Availability09

4 Business Goals11

5 Key Tasks13
5.1 Customer Identification13
5.2 Competition Advantage14
5.3 Change in Organization15
5.4 Branding15

6 Risk Analysis16
6.1 Financial Risks16
6.2 Political Risks17
6.3 Human Resource Risks17
6.4 Operational Risks17
6.5 Scale of Risk18

7 Monitoring and Evaluation19
7.1 Operations19
7.2 Finance19
7.3 Human Resource20
7.4 Customers20
7.5 Business Development20
7.6 Technology20

8 Conclusions21
9 References22
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“You must be the change you wish to see in world “– Mahatma Gandhi

Safedocs is into end to end document management service and keen to deliver enhanced personalized services to its customers. This report discuss about strategic formulation process of organization. Part A of business report talks about potential documentation market in New Zealand. It depicts about micro and macro environment analysis, what are the strategic issues related to safedocs including market focus, customer identification, organization structure and competencies. The following Part B of report discusses business resource availability and organizations long term and short term goals, key factors influencing business operations mentioned below, • Strategic focus to identify customers for business development • Competitive advantage by offering specializes products and services • Marketing and branding initiatives for market reach • Human resource recruitment, training and development programs, performance evaluation process implementation • Process and product up gradation using advanced technologies • Business expansion by extending operations to new locations across New Zealand • Delivering exceptional service for enhanced customer satisfaction

Safedocs identified Mt Albert Auckland as the location for starting business operations. Report points other key aspects of business including availability of financial resources and risk factors involved in managing funds. Safedocs will give good attention to monitor and evaluate various systems and processes to gauge different functional operations related to business organization.

Safedocs will maintain a reputation as a quality provider of complete documentation services projects and consultancy. We plan to achieve this by, • Providing superior customer service

• By understanding and delivering services based on customer needs • Providing customers with cost effective business solutions • On time project delivery to the agreed price and specifications • Service delivery to agreed contracts of service. 2 RESOURCE DEMANDS

To start any business it is essential to identify resources. For businesses to survive proper resources need to be identified and managed as per organizational requirement. Primary objective is to support business management to meet the business requirement. The business intelligence chain figure shown below defines the degree to which goals are achieved with better resources. This helps businesses...

References: [pic]
(Business information demand, 2011)
2.4.3 Goodwill
“The only asset which cannot be destroyed or undersell by competition is Goodwill” (Field, 1906)
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