Research Paper on Homeless Shelter

Topics: Homeless shelter, Homelessness, Saint Francis House Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Community Service Report

Organization name and Location
Little Rock Compassion Center
Little Rock, AR
3618 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Homeless shelters provide assistance for men, women, and children in the United States. The primary demand for homeless services is a constant need. Homeless shelters provide the population of homeless individuals comfort in knowing that there is a place they may go to in their time of need. There are many homeless shelters that cater to different criteria's. Many homeless shelters provide meals[->0], clothing, counseling, and job skills. Other homeless shelters may provide services for only men, women, teens, or families. All homeless shelter's goals are to help those that are in need. Of all of the homeless shelters in Little Rock, Arkansas I found Little Rock Compassion Center to be the most interesting. The Compassion Center, Inc., was Founded by William and Rosemary Holloway in October of 1998, it is a Christian organization dedicated to expressing the love of God through the ministries of feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are located right in the heart of the homeless and underprivileged population of Little Rock. “The Compassion Center is always there with a hand-up to the homeless and the needy,” says William Holloway the founder of the organization. The Compassion Center provides homeless, disadvantaged and chemically dependent people with food and clothing, as well as Biblical counseling, guidance and most importantly, the gift of hope. alThe mission is so privately funded by caring individuals and businesses

Mission Statement
The Little Rock Compassion Center, Inc. is an inner-city mission focused on a ministry of hope to the homeless, transient, displaced and disadvantaged people in the Little Rock area. We provide a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as help for physical needs, while helping people transition into local churches. Ministry is...
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