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Topics: United Nations, Genocide, World War II Pages: 6 (1507 words) Published: November 15, 2014
Umer Chaudhry
Professor Brownstein
First Year Writing Seminar
7 November 2014

United Nations or Useless Nation
Following World War I and World War II, the globe was left in pieces. The earth was in dire need of a superhero; one that would be able to solve all of the world problems through diplomacy and remedy the tribulations surrounding the League of Nations. The superhero went by the name of the United Nations, an organization which was created in order to promote peace and prevent war. After the inception of the United Nations, conflict resumed very shortly. As of now, the United Nations symbolizes a meaningless organization that has failed many times in deterring war, human rights violations and genocide. However through reform the United Nations, can once again be the superhero, it was intended to be. Many of the faults in the United Nations are found within its infrastructure. The United Nations is set up as a bureaucracy containing various cabinets, with different objectives, all striving the main purpose of international peace. The United Nations is divided into four major councils, General Assembly, Secretariat, the International Criminal Court, Economic and Social Council and the Security Council. The Security Council create resolutions that would establish international stability and peace. It consists of five permanent members all of which have to agree before the resolution is passed. The council, like many things in the United Nations is essentially purposeless, since it cannot force nations to act accordingly since it would violate the nation’s sovereignty. The United Nation Security Council can simply recommend tactics such as sanctions or blockades to be used in order to resolve an issue; unless of a dire situation, the council can send military peacekeeping troops. The Economic and Social Council aims to improve the social and economic welfare of member states of the United Nations. The council facilitates mainly third world countries by addressing issues such as human rights and epidemics. A reoccurring theme with the infrastructure of the United Nations is that it can merely discuss and recommend ways to secure peace and security, rather than putting those actions into place. According to UNHR “the Secretariat carries out “day to day work”, which includes with informing the media on works being accomplished by the United Nations. In essence, the Secretariat does all the “dirty work”, for the United Nations such as translating and interpreting documents; surveying economic and social trends; and organizes conferences. The tasks of the Secretariat can be compared to a secretary at a doctor’s office, which carries out day to day needs. The final compartment of the United Nation is the International Criminal Court. The International Criminal Court is still a “primitive but evolving legal system”. It works to prosecute genocide, humanitarian and war crimes. This was put in place as a way to prevent another Holocaust like situation from reoccurring. The International Criminal Court seeks to promote and guarantees basic human rights, to all member nations. However an issue of creating universal laws, for different ethnicities and religion has been a challenge. Many countries have different perspective and ideals of what are just and what is unjust laws. For example in many countries such as the Ugandan, homosexuality is condemned since it is frowned upon in Christianity; while the United States, a secular nation is considered almost the norm. So by prosecuting someone who is accused of anti- homosexual crimes, undermines that person’s culture and religion. This is still an evolving system and has been a sticky situation to get around. Although the Security Council has peacekeeping troops, the United Nations essentially has no military means to prevent war, genocide or force countries to adopt their resolutions. According to UNHR the sole role of the peacekeeping troops is...
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