Research on Cost Control and Management of Real Estate Project

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Research on Cost Control and Management of Real Estate Project| Term paper|

This paper takes the cost control and the management of real estate project as the object in research, and analyzes and studies relevant issues. By analyzing the cost structure of real estate construction, this paper identifies problems in cost control and management of real estate construction at present. Along with the fast development of China’s economy, the real estate industry has achieved wonderful successes, pulling economic development significantly, and contributing a lot to China’s economic development. Today, real estate construction assumes more tasks. In 2008, 3,000 billion RMB enters real estate construction. The cost control and regular management of real estate construction turns into the focus. Once the construction cost is out of control, it will lead to a great waste and will bring about more pressures for property management in later. A nice cost control is meaningful for the whole real estate construction project. To realize better cost control and management of real estate construction is important for today’s harmonious society.


The cost of real estate construction is composed of four parts. The first part is the land cost, accounting for 30% of the total cost. It mainly refers to cost for building land, greening land, equipped facility land, and property management land. The second part is the construction installation cost, as the main body of real estate construction cost, accounting for 20%-50% of the total cost. Among the construction installation cost, materials cost the most, accounting for 60% of construction installation cost. The third part is the cost for equipments and machines, accounting for 1%-3% of the total cost. This part is mainly for meeting the needs of operations, management, and maintenance. The fourth part is other cost, accounting for more than 15% of the total cost. It is difficult to control this part. It mainly includes the cost for investigation and design, the cost for project supervision, and the cost for infrastructure. In special, the management cost usually surpasses the budget, which is the largest part that is hard to control in real estate construction. The management cost is only accounting for 1% of the total cost. But the absolute amount is large. It is easy for the construction company costing more in management.


At present, serious problems exist in the cost control and management of real estate construction. For example, for some real estate construction, the design is earlier than the study of feasibility, which makes the later turn into useless. In bidding, some construction companies perform illegally, which makes the bidding fail to control project cost well. The popularization of assigned subcontracts and various subcontracts serve as potential threats for project quality. The delay for project payment, especially for workers’ wages, is serious. Some projects can not manage the changes of designs. Construction companies fail to follow the designs completely, which may lead to larger costs for construction. Some construction companies emphasize on the control of quality and period but fail to control the cost. All these activities make the cost of real estate construction out of control in China, which is harmful for the sustainable and healthy development of real estate industry.

* Fail to Estimate the Project Exactly:

Investment estimation is performed at the very beginning, namely in the study of feasibility. Present compilation of study of feasibility is lack of details. No effective items to control the number of project. The estimation has a lower preciseness. Besides, the study of feasibility has no necessary investigation. Some potential geological disasters can not be identified...

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