Religious Health Care

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Religious Health Care


This paper will explore and identify the strategic performances of Religion Health Care. Religion Health care operates in a community of 225,000, called Middleville and are experiencing competition from other health care facilities in the area. In order to continue to maintain their productive, quality and patient centered performance, the facility has to make sure that there are no errors in its performance and its services rendered must be at its best. There are six core questions that this report will address regarding the strategic performance of Religious Health Care.

Religious Health Care
Religion Health Care is the leading health care facility in Middleville, but in order to stay in the lead, it must continue to give quality care to its patients, since each one of its patients are the most important stakeholders in the organization. RHC wants to be on the cutting edge of technology; it wants to improve on patient satisfaction, worker satisfaction, the quality of care, its productivity, its profit and its market trends. In order to improve on these things, the organization has hired a consulting firm to help identify areas in which there are errors in order to find solutions and corrections to any issues or areas of lack in its organization. Describe the five (5) important elements of the governing board’s agenda for areas of improvement in core functions. By addressing the following within the governing board, Religious Health Care will have an effective and productive HCO. The functions of the governing board are essential to not only healthcare organizations, but any organizations success. The following will give the steps to the five most important elements that the governing board should improve upon: 1) Selecting and working with the CEO: selecting a CEO, establishing an effective relationship, evaluating executive performance and rewarding successes; also reviewing policies for recruiting, developing...

References: Griffin, J. R. & White, K.R. (2007) The well-managed healthcare organization. (6th. Ed). Chicago: Health Administration Press.
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