Relative Visit

Topics: Mind, Entertainment, PASS Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: May 30, 2006
For many of us, visiting our well known relatives would seem as a pleasant experience. You can catch up on each others daily lives, and talk about all of the fun moments you have had with them. However, this close connection has evolved from numerous visits over many years, and there would still remain those relatives which you may not know too well. It is during visits to households of such relatives where you may realize their home may not be of the same atmosphere as your own. Russell Baker had a similar experience where he experienced the two different atmospheres of New York and a clean Toronto. For some candy wrappers he obtained from Toronto, it took him "…two or three hours back in New York before it seemed natural again to toss them into the street." It is very similar to when you are visiting someone's house. You would not leave garbage lying around or sit back in a chair with their legs rested up on a table as a guest in someone else's household. This is why, with the lack of the luxuries you feel at your own home, a visit to a fairly unknown relative may end up in a boring, unpleasant visit. However, it is through finding ways of entertainment that can allow one to avoid such circumstances, and leave with a pleasant experience. Boredom is one of the easiest ways to end up experiencing an unpleasant visit. When your parents and let us say, your aunt and uncle catch up on each other's lives, you may be left sitting quietly between the conversation while time passes by slowly. It is not a very amusing, and isn't something for someone to look forward to if they were to spend hours doing it. The situation is not even close to the comfort ability that is felt at your own home, where entertainment such as the television, movies, or even food, would be at an easy access. But as a visitor in someone else's house, it would not be polite to ask for things unless offered, and with no means of entertainment, you can easily find your way to boredom. It...
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