Relationship of Crime from Poverty and Homelessnes

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Relationship of Crime from Poverty and Homelessnes
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* Identification and explanation of the topic including a problem statement The topic is to define and provide the evidences to prove the relationship of crime and the poverty and homelessness which relate through the poverty basically. The crime starts from the poverty and the homeless is the theory, on considering the government can helps to recover the poverty which would ultimately ends the crimes from the country. Every human having a part of civilized man in his personality, do not care from any religion or country he belongs. But when the necessary expenses of any individual is not meets from the resources, the individual start crimes to meet the basic rights like food and shelters.

* The explanation of the research process; that is, how will the research be conducted

The research will be conduct by interviewing the criminals either they are felony or perform the crime first time. The interview would provide the evidence that either this hypothesis is right or wrong that the crimes starts from the poverty and the homelessness which described as, the crime conduct to have the basic rights, the foods and the shelter. The research process would be based on the questionnaire which would be the qualitative research. The questionnaire based on the simple logical questions which reveals the background of the criminals through the different questions. These questions would evaluate the basic purpose to conduct the crime first and the next if the criminal is felony. The filled questionnaire will be the evidence of this hypothesis which would conclude by the statistics formulas. Furthermore, we will have to move the jails to conduct the interviews of jailors and other staff of the jails. Secondly, we will visit the courts of the state to meet the advocates...
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