Reflection paper 1

Topics: World War II, United Nations, Free market Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Reflection Paper 1: Why the World Needs America
In "The end of history", Francis Fukuyama stated that the world history had ended after a long period of the cold war between the US and USSR. Indeed, the world is now under the movement of free market and numerical calculations and predictions of economists. The post-cold war era declared a triumph of liberal economy, capitalism, and free market over the stated economy and communism. These movements and events were initiated by the U.S. This victory, along with American influence in democracy, have shaped the significant role of the U.S around the world. The world economy has not been formed and developed by the stated but the free market movement. Humanity has witnessed the growth of economy, living standard, improvement of productivity, and thousands of invention in technology. This can be only done in and by free market system where the goose lays golden eggs. The growth of multinational corporations is an important part of the world development, not only in rich nations but also in developing countries. Most multinational corporations are rooted in America. These businesses are the key figures help avoid conflicts between countries and also help facilitate globalization. Thus, it is reasonable for Kagan says that the creation of liberal and free economy heavily depend on great powers that support trades and free market. China and India have emerged and empowered themselves. However, they would barely open to the free trade economy and plus the intense built up between these two has been a serious threat to the global security as Kagan mentioned in his article, “"maritime rivalry could spill into the open in a decade or two," when India deploys an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean and China deploys one in the Indian Ocean." Over decades, democracy and human rights have been the main factors driving politicians and governance around the world. The U.S. involvement after WWII and Cold War are significant to...
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