Reason for the difficulties faced by international cooperation

Topics: United Nations, Developed country, Developing country Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: February 28, 2015
After World War two, nations believed that cooperation could speed up recovery. They cooperated in aspects like population control , environmental protection, medicine and science. However, international cooperation faced difficulties due to conflicts between developed and developing countries, different culture, limited power, controversy on financial assistance, competition among nations and circumstances of LDC.

International cooperation faced difficulties due to conflicts between developed (MDC)and developing countries(LDC). Interest of MDC and LDC were often different and causes conflicts. For cooperation in population control, UNCTAD aims at equal trade among nations. A report suggested that developing countries wanted their product to be sold at a fair price in MDC. However, the developed countries did not agree as the existing system was working well and they saw a chance in making profit in their investment in Third world. For environmental conservation, resentment within developing world hinder cooperation as well. LDCs could not afford the high cost of environmental conservation since their resources are very limited. It created huge barrier to industrial growth Moreover, some MDCs like the US and Australia are uncooperative because of national interest. Their attitude made it more difficult and convincing to encourage LDC to cooperate. This causes mutual distrust between MDC and LDC. For cooperation in science, developing countries recived insufficient aid. Since international development of science and technology was mainly dominated by the developed countries , the developing coutries received limited aid for their own development. A gap between developed and developing countries remained. Thus the controversy between MDC and LDC hindered international cooperation.

International cooperation faced difficulties due to different culture. For cooperation on population control, the progress of birth control was slow due to old practice and...
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