Readiness for Future Health Needs at Banner Health

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Readiness for Future Health Needs at Banner Health
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Readiness for Future Health Needs at Banner Health
Banner Health celebrates its fifteen year anniversary this year (2014). Samaritan Health System merged with Lutheran Health System September 1st, 1999. Lutheran Health System began in 1938 across Western and Mid-Western states. Samaritan Health System dates back to 1911 that covered California and Arizona, primarily in the metro Phoenix area. At the time of the merger, Banner Health occupied 14 states, with 32 hospitals with 2,882 beds, and employed 22,500 workers. Today, Banner Health is one of the largest health care systems in the country, occupies seven states, employs 36,000 workers with 25 hospitals and has a growing network of health centers and clinics to meet future needs. The purpose of this paper is to describe what Banner Health has done to prepare for the healthcare of people for the next decade and the changing times. In this paper areas that will be exposed will be the strategic; plan for network growth, plan for staffing of nurses, plan for resource management, and plan for addressing issues related to patient satisfaction. With the changing of healthcare today, the need of medical facilities to be proactive and prepare for future needs is crucial to the survival of the medical industry (Banner Health, 2012). Readiness of Healthcare in the Next Decade

Banner Health is a non-profit organization that makes statements explaining that they put the earnings back into the service. They use the monies to purchase new equipment, upkeep equipment and facilities, new technologies, new physician services, expand existing physician services, and millions of dollars go toward charities. With the changing of health insurance today, Banner has implemented medical screening only (MSO) services that rule out life threatening conditions. This process is followed up with an interview by financial services that inform the patients of the copays required by their insurance companies before proceeding with further care at the emergency departments (ED). Strategic plan for network growth

The Banner Health system is addressing network growth by expanding the health care delivery locations throughout their territories. They are preparing for future healthcare needs of the communities by opening up many urgent care, and medical service facilities throughout their territories. These services can be general doctor’s appointment services to specialty care such as OBGYN, Gastroenterology, pediatric and many more. Banner’s mission statement is driving the direction that they are heading. The mission statement is: “To make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care.” (Banner Health, 2012) And the vision is another important statement driving the company which is: “We will be a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience, and distinguished by the quality of our people.” (Banner Health, 2012) Strategic plan for staffing of nurses

The Banner Health system has been in the business of providing adequate nursing staff for the patients in which they are delivering care to. The use of a staffing matrix system has been in use based off of statistical data and trends of history. Built into the system is a company owned staffing or registry base of employees that are placed in facilities and areas in need at times of increased staffing needs. There is a continuous flow of qualified and ready nurses able to respond and work with the same skill sets and abilities needed. The system at Banner has been to unify the standards of care practiced at all Banner Health facilities. Using the same standards of care, training is the same for staff and registry employees. This process ensures safe patient handling at all times. Banner Health also utilizes I-Care, which is a video...

References: Banner Health. (2012). About Banner. Retrieved from Banner Health:
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