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Questionnaires is a structured job analysis that measures job characteristics and also involve human characteristics. It uses to gather the data on jobs. There are two types of questionnaires, task inventory and position analysis questionnaires. There are two types of questionnaires, task inventory and position analysis questionnaires. Position analysis questionnaires type of job analysis that is standardized and would use for nearly any of the job (Harris.M, 1997, p124).Job Analysis Questionnaire concern a few type of question. For example, Decisions made and discretion exercised, work coordination and supervisory responsibilities, working condition and others (Mathis and Jackson, 2000, p231). Other than that, another one type of questionnaires, Task inventory. It is a job analysis technique that concern on the tasks performed in the job and the KSAOs. This usually used by public-sector and private-sector. There will include around 100 tasks and 10 to 15 KSAOs in a list. Task inventories are useful in developing selection procedures and also designing training programs ( Harris.M , 1997, p125) There are advantages and disadvantages for Questionnaires method. PAQ is standardized questionnaires. Therefore, the company can compare the results with different organization. All the database with ratings from different kind of jobs and different company has been gathered by the company which has own the PAQ copyright (Harris.M,1997, p125). Besides that, it is more convenient using questionnaires because it does not require trained any interviewer or professional. Questionnaires is relatively less expensive, it will save cost for the company. Furthermore, the data for questionnaires is standardized and it able to reach more workers for the company (University of Minnesota, 2008). Other than that, there are also a few of disadvantages for this method. It might be difficult to construct the questionnaires and low response...
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