Quality of Work Life in Health Care

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Jyoti Kumari- 121116
Kanth Reddy- 121216
Suryadevara Pramoda- 121157

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Hanumantha Rao- 121409

Jyoti Kumari- 121116
Kanth Reddy- 121216
Suryadevara Pramoda- 121157

Jefia Ann James- 121315

Hanumantha Rao- 121409


2.Objectives of Work-Life Quality1
3.Components of quality of work life1
5. Work-Life Quality- In Healthcare1
6. Importance of quality of work life in healthcare1
7. Factors causing dissatisfaction1
8. Results of dissatisfaction1
9. Measures to overcome the dissatisfaction1
10. Research study1
Quality of work life among primary health care nurses in the Jazan region, Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study1
11. Conclusion1
12. References1

Quality of Work Life in Healthcare
Quality of work life
Quality work Life is any conscious effort for improving working conditions, work content, and safety, security, wages and benefits, etc. It can be said to be all the original inputs which aim at improving the employees’ satisfaction and enhancing organizational effectiveness. It is a concern not only to improve life at work, but also life outside work. It is nothing but having a work environment where an employee’s activities become more important. This means implementing procedures or policies that make the work less routine and more rewarding for the employee. These procedures or policies include autonomy, recognition, belongingness, development and external rewards. Quality of work life can be defined as the environment at the work place provided to the people on the job. QWL programs is the another dimension in which employers has the responsibility to provide congenial environment i.e. excellent working conditions where people can perform excellent work also their health as well as economic health of the organization is also met. The quality of personal life is always reflected in professional life and vice versa. Now a day to retain the employees in the organization providing healthy QWL is the key factor. In earlier times QWL means only job enrichment. In addition to improving the work system, QWL programs usually emphasize on development of employee skills, the reduction of occupational stress and the development of more co-operative labor-management relations. 

Through quality work life the people involved get a sense of satisfaction in their work. Work then becomes not a burden but a means by which the abilities of a person can find expression. Quality work life is just humanizing the work. Quality work life is equal to the sum total of physical (working conditions), psychological and economic factors which affect the job.

2. Objectives of Work-Life Quality

* To improve standard of living of the people.
* To improve the productivity.
* To create a positive attitude in the minds of the employees. * To increase effectiveness of the organization- profitability, goal, accomplishment etc. 3. Components of quality of work life

Free communications – open communication in the organization with the co- workers is the vital factor that ensures good quality of work life. It leads to more of informal communication between co-workers and subordinates during the rest hours of the organization. 

Reward system – reward is related to monetary or non-monetary rewards eg- incentives, movie tickets, and family health insurance, sponsoring the education of children etc. any kind of reward given to the employee promotes good quality of work life. 

Employee job security - job security is the one vital element to get maximum productivity from the employee, the employee should feel secured regarding the job.

Career growth – the organization should provide career growth to the employee i.e. promotion, authority with responsibility, hike in the...

References: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_of_working_life
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